September 17th, 2004

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Bleah. Catch-up. I suck at this.

Friday I just don't remember at the moment. I was with Steve.

Saturday I skipped the wedding and came back home. I had intended to start on my room but forgot the dust masks in Steve's car. So instead I read, hung out with Mary and with the baby, and just didn't accomplish much of anything at all. I was ok with it though. When Steve was done at the reception he came back to pick me up and we drove to Ann Arbor to sleep for all of 4 hours or so. I kept waking up and waking up though so I don't think I even got that much.

Sunday we had the TCF thing. We were at an apartment complex. We got there a little early and left to get breakfast. We got back and got set up but the cash booth didn't arrive until quite a while later. Steve was on the wireless microphone talking to people and pulling people in and I played music for almost 3 hours straight. It went well. The TCF people made do without the (very late) cash booth by writing different dollar amounts on the back of triangle-shaped highlighters and people got to choose one and then flip it over to see how much they had won. People won more money that way but had more fun doing the cash grabbing. It picked up quite a bit once the booth finally arrived. It was hot nad I felt melty and headachy and thirsty and hungry. We stopped at my house so I could pick up some things and then went to Denny's and got food. When we got back to Steve's he watched the football game he had taped and I went to bed for a nap. When I woke up after his game was done we stayed up for a few more hours (watching a movie I think?)

Monday We got up decently early. We stopped at Meijer on the way to my house and picked up some stuff for wraps and some stuff for Steve's borthday. We came here, ate, had coffee,a nd started on my room. By the end of the day we had accomplished several days worth of work. (I should take pictures of the room.) Mary was here for part of the time with Mikale, Todd and Joe. Todd caught a little snake. I took pictures of it. I also took pictures of an interesting yellow and black spider.

Tuesday was Steve's birthday. We started the day right, and then went out to find food and coffee. We went to see Hero. An absolutely beautiful movie. Everyone go see it. Just beautiful. Afterward we went to Barnes & Noble and picked up a few books. We went back to Steve's for some more alone time and then Will & Terri came over for dinner. Pizza and Cheese & crackers. Yay! We had a drink after they left, looked up some music, and Steve played some video games. When Ryan came home we went out to the bar and got quite nicely and happily drunk. I drank a bunch of water and woke up feeling pretty close to great. Steve went out and brought home a loaf of french bread and some fruit. We went out together a little later for coffee and then came back and watched a movie (Dogville- odd and long, but interesting). I came home earlier than usual and went to bed at 11:30. I slept almost 12 hours.
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