September 2nd, 2004


awake now... sort of.

Just got up. I'm hoping that the day holds good tyhings for us. Like coffee. And breakfast... beyond that, who knows?
I know I need to acquire some drugs today for my sniffly self cause I'm out of what i had and the stuff we bought at Meijer seems to be gone forever. Bleah to that.

My eyes are itchy and i'm sniffly... but the sniffly part ought to go away soon.


I need drugs. For whatever bizarre reason every tome we come to Chicago, my body decides its time to bleed. Dammit. So we're at beth's work again and we're gonna go to the store for assorted hting... though the list becomes shorter and shorter as beth says oh you need _____? I/we have that. So yay to that at least.
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