September 1st, 2004

forget me nots

saving old journal entries

I'm going through and saving the entries from my old online journal. I'm noticing some things (as I skim... it woudl take me forever to read them all). Either I'm writing differently than I used to... or I just perceive myself to. I know before there used to be a bit of overlap between my online journal and my written one at times. I havent been keeping a written one lately. I also seemed to write more... just more details. I suppose here its still that self censorship... and because there are so many more people who read when its here... I dont know. I fweel bad about being boring? I suppose I shouldn't as 1.) its my journal and 2.) people choose to read it or not.

These are probably not the best things to get sucked into doing or supposeing when what I really ought to be doing is getting ready to leave. I'm not packed and we're not coming back til monday so I have a good amount of days to pack for. I am a little bit of the way there. I'm still deciding on shoes.... if I want to have shoes that I like but will not be able to walk in without probable blisters, or shoes that will be hot and sweaty and icky but will have *less* of a chance of blisters. I think I'm getting them either way. We'll see. I'm not to that part of my packing yet anyway. Ok so in reality so far today I'm not to *any* part of my packing. It's after one, I suppose I should get moving. Why do I always start projects (or want to) at inappropriate times.

any comments here
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In chicago, update from Screenz

We're in Chicago now. I'm typing this from Beth's work. The drive went smoothly, neither of us got grumpy, and we got here so much earlier than we're used to. So yay to all of that. On the way, our subjects ranged from grammar to cooking and food to more cooking and food. And how do you sex a squirrel anyway??

So we're going to go and sleep soon. There will be more... when there's more. I think that's how it works.