August 23rd, 2004

forget me nots

august 13 - 15

Friday Steve and I drove forever and ever to Harbor Spings... it was a long drive and by the end of it we were feeling a little cranky. We couldn't check in at the hour we got there (midnight- 1ish) so they just left our room unlocked for us and we got to check in the next day. It seemed so strange to me!

It was an interesting looking place... dark teal paint, trees in all the rooms... a tiny kithen area with a mini fridge, a sink, a cupboard, and a 2 burner stove. It was neat :)

The beds were so soft and felt like sleeping inside some sort of marshmallow pillow or somehting. I slept well and had tons of dreams... more than usual.

Saturday we went out to see what Harbor Springs had to offer. .... well they had lots of ice cream. and ducks. and boats.... and that was about it. It's a very very pretty, but very very boring place. I took lots of pictures and we walked a bunch. We picked up stuff for sandwiches and bought some drinks and headed back to our room in the late afternoon. We visited with the horses that were next door... and by that time it seemed that the town would probably be closing down soon so we just called it a night. We made sandwiches, drank, watched the Iron Chef. a lovely evening. and oh the fluffyness to snuggle into! I want a fluffy bed (at this point it would be nice to sleeping a bed at all.. but a fluffy one would be extra cool). I had tons of crazy dreams again that night too...

Sunday we packed up, checked out and headed up to Mackinac. We visited the mystery spot, and a lookout tower that was filled with writing and then went to the island. More pictures were taken, more ice cream was eaten, and more walking was... walked. We went to the bitterfly house and that was really neat. I went when Mary and I went with Val & Jim in... 96 or 97. It was nice to go back and be able to take pictures. (it sounds like thats all I do but its not really)

I like going places.