July 21st, 2004

forget me nots


[21:56] ~*angelle*~: people are silly
[21:56] Vy: what happened?
[21:56] ~*angelle*~: quote from some LJ user in the photography community: "I think Digital is evil and is not real photography"
[21:57] Vy: ha
[21:57] ~*angelle*~: but!
[21:57] ~*angelle*~: I don't know that one can say that its not "real". Obviously its real, it exists! It captures an image. That said, I'm sure there are plenty of reasons to like or not like digital photography. But one shouldn't need to question its existance. Real is not based on one's personal opinion of quality or merit.
[21:57] Vy: that is a weird post
[21:57] Vy: what a homo
[21:57] Vy: He should die in a fire
[21:57] Vy: with derek jeter
[21:57] ~*angelle*~: you're silly too
[21:57] ~*angelle*~: but thats my thought on it anyway
[21:57] ~*angelle*~: like what the hell does that mean
[21:57] ~*angelle*~: not real
[21:58] ~*angelle*~: not like any one person can define what art is either
[21:58] ~*angelle*~: so who's to say what has artistic merit and what doesnt
[21:58] Vy: I think eating an unborn foetus isn't art.
[21:58] ~*angelle*~: but its an opinion based thing
[21:58] ~*angelle*~: thats my point
[21:58] Vy: yea
[21:58] ~*angelle*~: who is to say what is and what isn't
[21:59] ~*angelle*~: like who made you the grand high king of art critiquing!