July 13th, 2004

forget me nots


There will be more pictures to follow. Many many more. I might as well get it done now or I will jsut have more piling up and none of them will get put up!

First though, I realized I hadn't written anyhting about the skunks in a while and so I thought I should.

They escaped but they have kept coming back and eating. For a while they were going back in the pen and sleeping/eating around 9 am. Then possums spooked them I think and they disappeared for a few days. The past couple nights they have been back, though... I've smelled them when they come around. So yay! I was worried about them.

Ok so next I'll put up the me pictures, a picture of steve and my dog from yesterday, then a few from the concert, and then some from Chicago. Maybe not all tonight. I dont know. We'll see how ambitious I end up being.
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forget me nots

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We had a beautiful storm with some truly lovely lightning. I was excited and stood by the door watching it all og on outside until it passed. It's raining now but it seems to be just rain.

My knee is achy and a little gimpy feeling. Bleah.