July 6th, 2004

forget me nots

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Sunday, Steve and I went to get bagel sandwiches at einstein's while we waited for Beth to take a shower. When we got back everyone was home again from church and breakfast. So we all went to the conservatory and looked at plants and dinosaur bones. I think I want one of those to live in too, along with a luminarium... but not together. When we left there Steve and I split off from them because they were going to the zoo. So we went wandering to find something else to do. We were right near a train stop so we decided to take it to Michigan Ave. We paid $2 for a ticket and then when we were searching around for another 2 singles, it spit the money back out, allowing us to get both tickets for the same $2. Yay! We climed the stairs and found that we were on the wrong side. So we went back down, crossed the street, climbed more stairs (I still hate them. Never stopped hating them after that stupid mountain.) and talked tot he guy behind the counter, telling him that we had gone on the wrong side. He let us through and we waited. We got off at Lake and walked over to Michigan. We wanted something to drink and somewhere to pee. We found someplace that took care of both! We were walking along and I saw the chocolate café and it sounded good. Steve had a milkshake and I ordered a truffle mocha nad a piece of flourless chocolate mousse cake that was so chocolate that it sickened me. But in a good way, I suppose. I thought about getting one of their small bags of dark chocolate to take home but I just didn't feel the need for any more after the cake. We stopped at Millennium Park and looked at a photo exhibit. It was a bunch of family portraits from all around the world with a small write up underneath each. It was interesting.

We walked down to Grant Park to see if we could catch the Counting Crows performing. In the same place was the Taste of Chicago festival. We listened to a couple songs and then walked on. I'll put up a couple pictures soon of what we would have seen if we were 2 or 3 feet taller. We walked around, people watched, and tasted lots of things. We watched Navy Pier's fireworks. We wree a little far away but they were still nice. We wre near this drunk lady. She was talking to this couple and she started yelling "only in America!", as in only in america can oyu see yearly fireworks on July 4th. mmm hmm. So she was interesting anyway.

After it was all done we walked the nearest redline and made our way back tothe apartment. We walked a little more than 8 miles total. The bottoms of my feet were sting-y and sore after I took my sandals off. I drank a bunch of water, washed my face and my feet and went to bed.

Today we went out for breakfast and then packed up to leave. When we left they were taking Beth back to the emergency room probably to get her stiches out because her wound had gotten infected. Good thing the holiday is over so she can maybe sit still for a while and heal! We walked along the lake for a while before heading home. We made good time and the sky wasn't even totally dark yet by the time we got here. Tomorrow night we have the Nickleback/Three Doors Down concert at DTE. Hopefully we won't miss too much of it.