June 15th, 2004

forget me nots

many pictures coming...

I just finished sizing all the stuff I want to put up from friday, sunday, monday and today. this amounts to quite a few... I hope you'll actually look even though there will be so many. I know that makes it more difficult... I usually only like to take in so many photos at once...
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forget me nots

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Today was good. Quite lovely, in fact. The weather was nice without being too sticky. It was sunny and pretty and that alone would have pleased me and made me quite happy.

I went to Sagiaw Photo and picked up my slides for class. I drove there with happy music on the CD player and got to class a little early. I talked to people in class and looked through my slides as well as I could. Class was nice, we went through our slides with her and she picked out what she thought were probably the best and then we went through those on the slide projector in class. I'm quite pleased with how some of them came out. She also told me in front of the class that I had the highest test grade. Wee! She told me when I was going through my slides with her that she hoped I'd take another photography class and suggested that I try the black and white class next. I'm going to try to see if I can manage it sometime soon...

Mary came over tonight and I took pictures of her and Mikale together for my portrait assignment that's due on Thursday. So far it looks like I'm going to have a ton of pictures taken by the time I'm done. I'm already through 2 rolls and I havent even gotten to my self portraits or my male subject portraits.