June 11th, 2004

forget me nots

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took long enough but I'm finally getting back into LJ. It was tough not having my fix :)

my throat hurts... its been super itchy and I kept making that hocking, rumbly, thing that you do to bring up phlegm while I was sleeping last night. its only sort of effective and makes my throat hurt on top of still being itchy. goddamn allergies. I think I might go see my nurse practitioner lady soon to see if they can get me some zyrtec or something else that might help.

today my class met in Midland at the center for the arts and we went through an exhibit of pulitzer prize winning photography and then went through the luminarium. It was pretty and colorful. Steve and I will be going on Sunday to go through it and I'll hopefully get more pictures.

I came across some journal prompts a bit ago, here is one of them: "Suppose you’ve lost electricity at your place of residence. What are you going to do? "

It's actually kind of interesting around here when theres no power... since it's at the end of a dead end and theres pretty much just trees surrounding my house and much of the street, it gets pretty dark normally. when there' s no power it's super super dark... and rather spooky. fin for walking with someone when you can laugh and scare each other. I don't really care for it alone though. I always picture something coming out of the woods to eat me or something. it's not too often that its out at night though.