May 28th, 2004

forget me nots


I slept in but was still tired when I woke up... I managed to pretty thoroughly waste a good chunk of the 2 hours I had before needing to go to class on who knows what... though I did take a shower, pretty up (ok not really) and eat a bowl of cereal. Class was interesting as usual... we discussed things, looked at things (including a few things by this boy in the class (genesm) he reminds me much of Francois... but thats neither here nor there. He makes beautiful beautiful things... and I find him dreadfully intimidating for that reason) We worked a little with light painting. This whole next assignment is pretty much going to be done in the dark. so that shoudl be interesitng.. I've been waiting a very long time to work int he dark so I'm pretty excited.

By the time I left class I had a headache that just got worse and worse. When I got to Steve's I took osme tylenol and we went in search of food that I didn't eat anyway because I felt nauseated as a result of my head. So I took everything home but the side dish of fruit that I managed to get down. I took a nap and felt much better after I woke up, ate some of the chicken wrap I had brought home while we watched this show about cats Steve taped for me last weekend.

My head still feels a little tender and I'm tired so I should head off to bed... though its tempting to read some before I do...
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forget me nots

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Mikale: I tink there a feh-dah in my dipa bag!
me: a feather??
Mikale: not a feh-dah, a FEH-DAH!!
me: (laughing) not a feather?
Mikale: nooo! not a feh-dah not a feh-dah! a FEH-daaaah!

finally I realise he's saying "sweater" which sounds indentical to feather. go figure.