May 13th, 2004

forget me nots

yesterday and today so far

KittyKitty who is Missingyesterday I got up early to go to work and when it came time to leave, I went out to my car and attempted to start it. It went "rr-rr" a couple itmes and then wouldnt do anything at all. So I took my grandma's car. I don't really like driving my grandm'as car because its dirty and stinky and I always feel like I'm going to come out dirty and stinky just from being in it. She treats it like a little truck.

I was 10 minutes late for work because 2 lanes of the highway were blocked off for construction and people were having trouble merging. It was slowed down to almost nothing for a while there.

The day was long and tiring and paid a lot less than I usually get but it wasn't too terrible.

I came home and Barb came over and got my car to start again. It was a battery problem and after she replaced one of the pieces that connects the cable to the battery it started.

Today I got up early to go to the Animal Shelter to look for KittyKitty because he's been missing for a few days. He wasn't there but I left a little info card and a picture of him on their board. When I tried to leave, my car wouldnt start and fiddling with the battery cables and connections did not work so I called Barb, then called my grandma to come pick me up.

So here I am. I still need to taker a shower and do my reading for class and I have to leave around 1. I'll have to take my grandma's car again today I guess. I'm supposed to be bringing the new car home tonight but i don't know when I'll be able to drive it.

other pictures of KittyKitty: