May 6th, 2004

forget me nots


I slept a ton last night. I went to bed early and slept about 12 hours... or close to it. I worked yesterday and the day before. Tuesday I was Arthur Hill. It had been a while since I've subbed at a regular school. Wednesday I was back at Millet though in an SXI room. Not sure why the sudden increase in work but I'm glad. The money will be useful.

Today is nice. I was just watching a brightly colored bird eating grape jelly from half of an orange attached to a bird feeder outside the window.

My photography class starts on Tuesday. I still need to check if I need to buy a book. I also have a good portion of a roll of black and white film in my camera that will probably go to waste. I was trying to be slpw and careful with it. but that also meant that the photos taken have been few and far between. I'll have to see. I have the other camera to work with too and that one is empty.
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