April 26th, 2004

forget me nots


Friday night Steve and i went walking at the Nature Center. It makes for a really nice walk. I took some lovely pictures of the sunset. We stopped at the video store and rented some movies but we went home and went to sleep without watching any of them. Saturday we woke up decently early, went to eat fake chinese at the mall and then went grocery shopping. We had a wedding that night and had to leave in the afternoon. There were many people and the job went well. It was at a place in the Flushing area where I've been a couple times before. The first job I went on was there.

Mikale's birthday party was on Sunday. His birthday is today. There was everything a birthday party shoudl have. Friends and family, lots of presents, pizza, cake and ice cream, and games. He had a good time. I took pictures but I don't really feel like resizing at the moment. Maybe later.

Steve went in for his nose surgery today. He's at his brother's recovering at the moment. Hopefully he'll have better air flow after this.