April 6th, 2004

forget me nots

sleep sometime maybe...

looks like my paid account is set to expire soon. *sigh* didn't seem like it had been too long ago that I bought time. bleh.

today felt weird... always does when I sleep like that. I think I'll just make myself get up tomorrow in an AM hour and see how that goes. I might as well.
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forget me nots

thought today would be earlier...

larger version and more @ crushedglass.net Image of the moment theme (at crushedglass.net): the little kitty sleeping on my pillow. He looked so comfy and cute... I didn't want to make him move so I could go to sleep.
Today didn't start as early as I was indending. Well, sort of intending. I slept until almost 2 I think when Mary called. More dreams involving lots of different people and settings that I just don't remember.

Finally getting around to painting my toes... Mystical. I think. Something like that. Its the longest I've gone in years I think. Lovely to have iridescent violet toenails again though.

I update often enough... but really. with crap like I painted my toenails today I'm boring myself here. I'll try to be more interesting. or something.
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