April 5th, 2004

forget me nots


I'm sitting here enjoying a bowl of Chocolate Malt-o-meal. yay! I'm able to say enjoying now cause my tongue is all better! It finally stopped hurting and started healing during my 11 hour sleep on saturday night. and an even bigger YAY to *that*. It was sucking much. I have some pictures that I havent gotten off the camera yet... nothing too terribly exciting though. Steve and I went walking on saturday and I snapped a few shots. We were walking through suburbia though and it was kinda boring as far as scenery goes... I probably have some steve making odd faces at me pictures though.

I got an anonymous comment about my photography work. Big thank you to whoever it was :D

It looks like it should be nice out today but it is not. It's pretty though. I shoudl probably go out anyway, wear my fuzzy hat and walk around... take more pictures. Perhaps take bonnie with me. There are only so many things to take pictures of by my house when things aren't looking all alive yet.

I was thinking about cleaning today... then I slept forever and felt much less ambitious about it upon waking.
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