March 30th, 2004

forget me nots

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today I updated my site.. though maybe I'll do it more often. maybe.

I took some pictures, made popcorn... nothing too exciting as far as days go. not bad though...

today my grandma brought Mystic River home form the library. I've been waiting for the book to come in since the movie came out. I think I'll start it tomorrow.

my brain is not feeling like spitting out too many words at the moment. goodness this sure isn't going to help my ratings :)

I wish people would leave comments when they rate with their reasons. just to satisfy my own curiosity. I'm doing my best to not take it too badly since I know I'm kickass and I know that my public thoughts can only be so interesting. I mean really. how much do I really want laying out for anyone and everyone to consume?
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forget me nots

teach him to be cool and a lih-ul bit funky!

images of the moment @ I put up more images of the moment... today's theme: things on or around my desk.

I'm going to be adding things (to my site) soon. Suggestions are welcome though. Today has been. a day. I'm showered and ressed though. I had some rice and vegetables a little bit ago. thats always happy. I decided today woudl be a good day to listen to actual cds.. just for some variety. so I'v sofar been through several soundtracks. Master and Commander (lovely strings stuff if you dig that sort of thing, and I do), Cold Mountain, and Levity. Now I've moved on to a mix cd I made quite a while back. Before I even got this computer I think. So it's nice happy stuff.

I'm tired... thats a good sign. Hopefully I'll get back to my to bed at midnight sort of schedule. It was working for me. I was seeing morning even! it was pretty exciting.
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