March 25th, 2004

forget me nots

more mikale

Mikale came in here and told me -Lemme take you cyab home I wan take you cyab home-
I told him no that the crab lived here.
and he told me -nooo I leeb him here he be sad-
This really amused me. He kept insisting that my "cyab" wanted to go home with him. I even got my grandma to back me up... he just gave that look and said noooo. Its the kind of tone that is just so funny for him because he's so little. Sort of when you tell someone duh! only drawn out. good stuff.
My poor crab- he's gonna get kidnapped by a toddler. I bet if he could reach him he'd steal him. He thinks my stuff is particularly grand. He eyeballs something and then I hear the cute little voice -I wan look dat! lemme look dat! I wan look you fing!-
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