March 9th, 2004

forget me nots

from an email:

Mikale is out with "dant", we still have no idea why he calles her that. it
sounds nothing like "grandma" so it cant just be clever pronunciation. He
had a pretty big upset/tantrum-y thing when Mary left. Telling her "not leeb
me! take me home!" and telling her that yes, he did want her boss to yell at
her for being late. He wanted her to take him outside. I was not a very good
substitute: "I nah lie you!". He tells me several times a day that he
not like me and "I nah lie you house!". Most of the time, even when not
liking me or the house, he still likes Dant though. So she has that going
for her...

right now I'm having a grilled cheese sandwich and some Fiesta Chicken soup.
woo hoo! party in my mouth! or something... soon I'll go hang out with the
kid :)