March 1st, 2004

forget me nots

battle fishies!


Siamese Fighting Fish

Battle Rating

Spike is the spawn of nuclear sludge released into a lake

Can your fishy beat Spike ?
forget me nots

weekend-ish thing

Saturday night Steve came by after the reception. We went through some old papers and notes. There were a few specific things that I was looking for that I didn't find. Must have been in one of my other boxes. When we left here we went to the truck stop for food, left there around 4. We were up til 5 and slept in late the next day. We went to the mall for fake chinese, and to buy a gift certificate for his mom for her birthday. We went to JoAnn's for another one and I took advantage of the clearance and sales going on. I have a bunch of little valentine boxes of Nerds. The valentine package was marked down to 39 cents. JoAnn's has great post-holiday clearance sales. We went to Media Play with the intent of finding a gift for Steve's friend Mark, as his birthday is also approaching within the next day or two. By the end of the day My head had started to hurt and it didn't want to be convinced to do otherwise. We Stopped at Meijer to pick up some grocery stuff for me. Being able to eat is usually a good thing. I felt headach-y and sick to my stomach. Bleah. I had taken some Excedrin at Steve's and it only sort of helped. But after having the caffeine I wopuldn't have been able to sleep, which was all I wanted to do. So we also picked up some Excedrin PM.

When I got home, put away my groceries, took some PM, got ready for bed, and then slept and slept. 12 hours or so. It was lovely and I woke up to no more head ache.

I've been drinking water from a glass today, having left my water bottle at Steve's. I seem to leave something every week. He still has two of my Hello Kitty watches. One of them needs a battery and the other is keeping time quite nicely for the bedroom floor. I hope the floor is takeing fulll advantage of knpwing what time it is!