February 29th, 2004

forget me nots

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I took some "what rating is your life" quiz. It came up NC-17. I have my doubts on this. But whatever.

Mikale is in sleeping in my grandma's room. He gets so cute when he gets tired. He went and lay down across a kitchen chair and started bawling. I picked him up and went and sat on my grandma's chair in the living room with him, laying him on my chest. He cried and cried.

me: are you sad?

him (tearfully): yeh

me: are you tired?

him: yeh

me: are you fweepy (it's how he says sleepy I swear, not just me making stupid baby-talk)?

him: yeh

me: you want to go to sleep?

him: no!

me: are you sure? we can lay down right her in the chair...

him: no!

me: you dont wanna lay down?

him: no!

me: you want to lay down on the couch?

him: no!

me: you just wanna cry?

him: yeh! *starts crying again*

poor baby... finally , he started insisting that he wanted to go in g-mas room (I wan go in nere! I wan go in NERE!) so thats where he is now. Mary shoudl be here soon enough.