February 17th, 2004

forget me nots

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from an email:

at one of the places where I work... with the really really low functioning kids/young people... there was this kid. his name was Dallas. He was functioning enough that he said some words, could have a little conversation with you. He had more personality than most of those kids have... and I really really liked him. I would miss seeing him when I didn't get the chance for a while... He loved to sing and could carry a tune really really well even if he coulndt say or enunciate the words. He sang christmas carols all year round. He loved watching movies, really liked Air Bud and Home Alone. When any one would touch him he would flinch away and makie this cooing yelling noise... he just didn't like being touched. Some of them don't. Sometimes he'd let me touch him though. One of the aides said I looked like his sister. He was just really sweet and funny and I liked him a bunch.
So today I went to the class he was in, and there were a lot of moves around of students and staff and I asked what happened to Dallas, and learned that he died... I almost started crying on the spot... I didn't know him that well... but he was great. and I really really will miss him. That's another reason why I dont think I would ever be able to do the job they do there... you get so attached to the kids tou have and that you see each day... and theyre so fragile. There are so many losses to the school each year. I don't think I'd be able to do it.
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