February 8th, 2004

forget me nots


I was brushing out my hair after a whole day out and about and walking around. It was horribly tangled and full of knots. As I was brushing I foudn I had a large bunch of knots right at the base of my skull, I was thinking I wasn't going to be able to get them out. I had a lot of static going on so I stopped for a sec to rub some lotion on my hands and over the top layert of my hair before I continued. Mind you, this was a knot cluster that I didn't think anything was going to get out. I was already planning how to best cut it so it wouldnt look weird when I put my hair up. So I smoothed lotion on my hands and smoothed my hands over the top of my hair... then I picked up my brush and started brushing again. This time I noticed my hair was no longer knotted underneat... silky even. My scalp still tingled from where I was pulling but there were no knots. This is right up there in oddness with that shirt that I found fixed in my closet.

Edited to add:
Seriously, this was a post less about my poor knotted hair and more about the oddness of said knots disappearing on their own. :) It was strange, seriously strange.