January 9th, 2004

forget me nots

a real entry (walking, vet, working)

I'm going to go for a walk here in a few. I't cold but thats ok. I like walking anyway. I took Katy to the vet earlier. She was not happy about this... but that was to be expected. He said that her issues are probably allergy related and gave her a shot to make her feel better and if she needs another one in 3 weeks I'll take her back. But its supposed to help her heal up and stop itching and feel better. Yay!

I worked for abotu an hour today. Seemed siully to me that they'd even hire someone but whatever. So that was that. They werent too bad... they didn;'t have time to be. I was at Central Middle School... they read some stuff about Nelly and then had some questions to answer and some vocab words to use in a short story.

So now its walking time!