January 8th, 2004

forget me nots

Sims: I won't snort ALL the coke...

[00:17] Angelle321: I was like... I know I shouldn't buy this
[00:17] Angelle321: but its only 20 dollars!
[00:17] mattb9791: lol
[00:17] Angelle321: maybe I just wont play that much
[00:17] mattb9791: you fool
[00:17] Angelle321: but thats like saying "hey I'll just do a little bit of this heroin"
[00:18] mattb9791: yeah
[00:18] mattb9791: or "i wont snort ALL the coke..."
[00:18] Angelle321: yeah!
forget me nots

Matt conversation snippet

[01:35] mattb9791: LEEPY!!
[01:35] mattb9791: like a froggie
[01:36] mattb9791: boiiing
[01:36] mattb9791: ribbit ribbit
[01:36] Angelle321: hee
[01:36] Angelle321: yeah a leepy froggy