December 28th, 2003

forget me nots

stuff I got for christmas

(I think thats pretty much it... watch me forget something big)

video camera, slow cooker, food dehydrator, kitty calendar, kid rock tickets , second copies of 2 books (phantom, and all on a winters day), gift certificates for JoAnn's and for Saginaw Photo, Happy Bunny luunch box that I am going to use as a purse, happy bunny socks, happy bunny sticker, Killer Bunnies shirt, Killer Bunnies booster card decks, wool pea coat

craft book, soapmaking book, 1st season of Anna Nicole show, book (Santa's Twin - Dean Koontz), Hello Kitty DVDs that i think I'm going to return and get a game boy advance of my own so I can give Steve's back, Osbournes book

bath tools set, fuzzy fleece blanket, fuzzy sweater, gloves, angel figurine, $20, calgon scent set

Lion King snow globe music box, 2nd season of the Osbournes, Clueless on DVD, Labyrinth on DVD, Night mother on VHS (but the fact that I have a real copy at all now makes me happyhappy), Bath and Body Works stuff, Fleece blanket and fleece pillows, tote bag with a kitty on it, tshirt witht he same print, hello kitty watch, hello kitty girly stuff set, hello kitty slippers, assorted sewing supplies, fuzzy socks
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forget me nots

christmas pt 2 and other stuff

christmas with steves family went well... they were extremely nice and generous with me...

looks like my bath sets went over well on all fronts so far... yay!
We're thinking about doing Valentines sets to sell. Today Steve took his brother to a Lion's game so I'm here playing with stuff... I stole his PS2 for the week to play the game we got me (Fatal Frame 2). I dig it... it's creepy. Plus I've been figuing out things for the video camera. Yay toys! and I'm all cozy in my new sweater, and new slippers, wearing my new killer bunnies shirt and earlier was wrapped up in a new blanket. yay for warm stuff!