December 23rd, 2003

forget me nots

bleah to packaging

I'm to the point where all I want to do is hand people a little pile of crafted stuff. maybe wrapped in christmas paper. I'll have all these ideas for neat things I want to make and give away and I'm always fine up til it comes to the packaging of the stuff. I need to start in october thinking up things to put things in. Then I could happily devote time to making things to put in the containers. Maybe that's where I've been going wrong. Perhaps I've just been doing it backwards. I guess it matters little now since its pretty much time for everything to be finished. And nothing is. Making me want to just skip Christmas and tell people I'm ill and can't possibly see them or spend time. I suppose thats just not an option. I suppose I could just tell them I suck and have no presents for them... though then I'd be stuck with a buch of bath stuff. and cookie making supplies. I havent even started the cookies! Or the fudge.
I need to eat and then take a shower. And then I'm going out to brave the roads and the stores.