December 17th, 2003

forget me nots

work - South band

I continue to not like band classes. They suck.

I only ended up with about 3 hours of sleep last night. By the time I got to bed it was already late and then I couldn't sleep right away. I'm surprised that I functioned as well as I did today. I had to be to the school at 7:30. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me since class doesnt start until 8:10. I understand needing to be there a little early,and I understand why teachers should need to show up early, but a sub doesnt really have much to plan for. So all that time is little excessive. I took advantage of it by reading some of BUST, which I brought along with me just for such opportunities. Aside from lunch, it was just about the only free moment I had. Busy isn't really a bad thing. Helps the day go faster.

The sixth graders didn't play. There were two classes of them. The first was pretty well behaved. The second wasn't at all. Both classes were supposed to watch Space jam... and the first class actually kinda did.

The rest of the classes (two 7th grade and one 8th) had to practice the pieces they're going to be playing for a program on Friday. They stayed on track decently well. Some of them anyway... But they just weren't very good at all. I have no idea how they'll be ready by Friday.

My last class... the second group of 6th graders. Oh they were horrid! There were two who thought that it was really funny to keep turning out the lights. Turning out the lights caused the rest of the class to shreik and scream like idiots like they've never seen darkness before. I wanted to kick them. They trashed the room, there was papers everywhere, folded paper, wadded up paper, ripped paper, crumpled paper! So I told them that before I would let them leave the room they had to pick up the floor. Some of them got attitude and told me that they weren't picking up after other people and that they hadn't made that mess, I told them neither did I! and if they had any desire at all to leave that classroom that the floor had better be clean. I didn't care if they felt likedoing it or not. It didn't change the fact that it had to be done. And it actually got done! Wee!

The day passed though, didn't drag, didn't cause me to kill anyone, and earned me some money.

The 8th grade band class was entertaining. The kid I had assigned to help out was just fabulous. He was a natural and might very well have a future in education... He even knew how to conduct :) It was so cute!
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forget me nots


well I finally got through to someone at AT&T. I guess they had gotten my plan wrong and tried to charge a bunch to my debit card. Then it was declined and I got an email telling me that my card was declined and that I should call a number included in the email. After waiting and waiting I finally managed to get ahold of someone. (yay!!) and she got it all straightened out and my new phone should be arriving tomorrow. Presently, I can't actually afford a plan that I can use to talk really... but at least if my car decides it hates me or somehting I'll be able to call for help. 45 minutes won't really go very far... but I can always move up when I can better affort it. and hey, at this point, I don't know who I'd be talking to anyway too much.
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