October 27th, 2003

forget me nots


so this weekend seemed to go by more quickly than some do... friday we
didn't have a job so we played killer bunnies and drank instead. I have
decided that Godiva chocolate liqueur is good stuff. much better straight
than mixed with anything... which is what we did that night... we also had
vanilla absolut. that, I've decided, isnt so good straight and I think i
*definitely* prefer it mixed with something...

saturday i spent a good chunk of reading... I wanted to (and did) finish
Diary. it was... interesting. good interesting i think.

the job saturday night wasn't horrible. but it wasn't fun. it was people
Steve knows... so that made it a little different... but otherwise it was
just like any other reception would be that had lots of people that weren't
very fun.
watched a movie last night (Old School)... been meaning to watch it for a while...

today was a pretty lazy day... my head hurt for some of it... which made my
tummy feel icky. as it tends to usually work that way... so we lay in bed
and watched movies...
forget me nots

halloween costume woes

started making my halloween costume today... my skirt isn't fluffing properly though and I dont know exactly what to do about that... I'm thinking I need to make some sort of underskirt... but I'm not entirely sure how to do that. I really don't know at all actually... but provided I can do something about that its basically done... i need to get my elastic still cause I think the piece the lady gave me is a little too short...

I'll try to come up with some solutions tonight. and hopefully it will just turn out perfectly...