October 7th, 2003

forget me nots

weekend and pictures

Friday - Steve picked me up so I could leave my car for my grandma cause her's wouldn't start... we got food, then went Meijer-ing cause I needed a couple things. most importantly allergy stuff.
also bought alcohol, and speakers for the computer, and other stuff that I'm not remembering... we came home, I made us some drinks and then Steve got a Dow page.. he had the pager all last week and had to do Dow afterhours stuff. so while he was doing that I hooked up the new speakers and played online. we drank, listened to music, hung out with Ryan when he came home...

Saturday... I dont remember. oh yeah I do. Steve had to get up and do more Dow stuff and ended up having to drive to Midland so I stayed in bed until he came home. he picked up breakfast on his way home... wel were pretty much just hanging out being comfy and lazy til we had to leave to go DJ...
the reception was in New Lothrup... at the vfw hall. white trash they were. but you never can predict just what they'll be like. and they were great. danced to everything. at the end of the night they were happy we were happy and we got a lot of thank-yous. Steve got molested by this bald drunk guy. it was odd. the guy grabbed his ass and then was picking him up and setting him back down.. kinda making him jump. til steve finally managed to escape. and the guy just kept running into stuff and just generally being an ass. but he certainly was having a good time...
when we got home steve went to take a bath to degimp and I went to check my email...
(lazy me is going to copy and paste this instead of retyping it):
[15:53] Angelle321: and ryan had friends over, aaron and... beaver. I have no idea what his real name is. and they were downstairs in the garage drinking beer... and ryan comes in and stands there looking at me. and i'm like um. hi. and he said hi. and still stood there..a nd I'm like *what*?? and he said you wanna come down and meet beaver? ...
(me):I dont know *do* I want to come down and meet beaver?
(ryan):--I dont know. he's one of my best friends, I was his best man in his wedding a few years ago...
[15:53] Angelle321: so I said ok.
[15:54] Angelle321: and went back to my reading
[15:54] Angelle321: he walked away and came back a minute later and said come on downstairs.
[15:54] Angelle321: so I said oh alright in a minute.
[15:54] Angelle321: and went down intending to jsut say hi and then escape. I dont like meeting people...
[[15:55] Angelle321: and ryan introduced me and said hey you want to share a cooler with me? sure you do. flipped around the cooler he was sitting on so I could sit there next to him and then I was trapped. not like I could say uh no. you guys suck I'm going back upstairs
[15:57] Angelle321: so I sat there while theyre talking, chewing, and drinkin beer. jesus for such a pretty, all-kinds-of-good-things-not-trashy boy, hes such a redneck sometimes
[15:57] Angelle321: so I sat there from then til after steve came down and talked too for a while and then we both escaped.

[my gramdma is cooking right now and cutting onions in the kitchen and my eyes are not liking this at all.]

sunday we went to the store to buy printer ink and blank CDs for me... there were feathers on the sidewalk between Circuit City and Media Play and I picked up one tiny one... I thought it was cute... and it was pretty too:
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we stopped and rented a movie (anger management) and stopped at Meijer so I could buy make up I dont need and probably won't use.

on our way home the sky was looking so pretty... I made steve pull over near some fields so i could take pictures of the sky...

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we watched our movie and then got ready to take me home... but we tried to see if this lip gloss that I got glows in the dark (it doesnt) but in trying to figure it out we got out this little blue keychain light and it looked really neat in the dark so I decided to take pictures!

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