September 10th, 2003

forget me nots

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[12:54] Angelle321: just got back from the vet. its not certain what the kitty has... but no matter what its not good and in the vet's opinion he's not gonna make it. he said its not impossible... but that if I get him to pull through, I deserve a medal. he gave me some more, different antibiotics for him for the secondary concerns... he has an inflamation of the lining of his tummy... and might have FIP... all I know is the P stands for... Peritonitis (sp?) and its viral.. but kind of the equivalent of when a person has their appendix burst. and if he were bigger/older they's take xrays, possible surgery, but since hes not hes kinda on his own...
[12:55] Angelle321: so I'm... just going to keep doing the best I can with him.
[12:55] Angelle321: and hopefully he really will pull through