August 28th, 2003

forget me nots

found sick kitten

actually got out of my house some today...
I went with my aunt to take two of her cats to the vet for shots. they didn't really dig that at all... though I cant say I blame em... I dont think I'd have been to happy about it either...

and on our way back to my house as we were driving down my street I saw this small thing in the road... wasn't sure what it even was at first... and I looked closer and realized it was a small siamese mix kitten... theres a couple form the same litter and theyve been looking sickly lately... usually sitting at the end of the driveway and then they scurry into the brush next to it...
but it was quite far down the street... past the neighbors driveway... and so I picked it up and it didnt even hardly fight with me... thats what really told me how sick it really must be... and its eyes were all stuck shut and full of eye goo/pus (bleh)... so I got out some stuff to doctor it up and it was dr. mama-kitty me to the rescue... and so I put it out in a cage in the garage... to keep it so I can get at it again, and tokeep it out of the road... and we gave it some food and it ate quite a bit.

and then a little later my grandma was going somewhere and she came right back and brought me the other one... cause it was also down the street in the middle of the road. eyes all icked shut. so I doctored it up too and put it with the other one...
I jsut went out a little while ago and ceaned their eyes again and gave them some more silver... used it inside and outside of them ( and hopefully it will help. Barb had success with it on one of her cats...
anyway I feel bad for them.. poor little things...
it seems to be some sort of virus... and every year we end up with a bunch of kittens and most of them end up catching it and not making it... though the ones that catch it and survive (as few as those are) dont seem to get it again... and some just dont seem to catch it at all...
forget me nots

kitten update, found maggots

taken from an email...

... ugh.

so I'm still taking care of the baby kittens... an being in the cage, they managed to make quite a mess of themselves... covered with poop and cat food... fortunately these are smells that I have come to not mind at all... particularly if theyre*my* kittens... so I brought them in the house to give baths... even though its a litle dangerous with their current condition.. theres a possibility of them catching a chill and ending up even sicker than they already are...
the first kitten got his bath with little to no trouble... he wasn't happy but he didn't struggle all that much... tried to lick some of the water (note to self... give them something to drink.. poor things probably dehydrated to an extreme) and most of the stuff washed off with little difficulty...

the other one was a little more difficult.. he struggled more, cried more... deep pained cries. and I noticed that he had a swelling in his leg. and figured of course he doesnt want me to pick hm up and give him a bath that has to hurt!... I also had noticed flies around them and thought I ought to make sure I really washed them well and put them in the house... cause i found what looked like probably eggs stuck to the second kitten.
and then I found the open wound on the other side of the swollen leg.

and then I found the maggots.
maggots. big fat swollen wriggling maggots. and its poor tiny little leg is just full. of. them.

so I called my aunt to see what she would do. then I calle the vet to see if they had anything to say... and so basically I need to flush them out as well as I can... and get the rest with tweezers. oh my god.

I had hoped to never. EVER. have to tweeze wriggling maggots out of a sick kitten ever again. ever.

and it just *cries*... such awful painful cries... but its like I can't just let them *eat* it! so barb is going to come help me... I need extra hands that can hold it unter the running water while I tweeze.

maybe I should have been a vet... (though no matter how many times I throw myself into something like this... I've never wanted to be one... dont know why... and now it's not relaly an option...)

anyway. this is just draining.
forget me nots

kitten update

[20:12] angelle321: well...
[20:12] angelle321: I got all of them that I could... out of his leg
[20:12] angelle321: bathed the wound
[20:12] angelle321: in silver
[20:12] angelle321: did you see that link?
[20:12] angelle321: to the info abotu it
[20:12] angelle321: in my journal post
[20:12] (S)Falco(S): yes, didnt read everything but i got the main point
[20:12] angelle321: but it took almost all of that time to do that
[20:13] angelle321: and then at the end we decided to check the other kitten... jsut to make sure he didnt have any
[20:13] angelle321: well.
[20:13] angelle321: no open wounds or anything
[20:13] angelle321: but he had some in his butt
[20:13] angelle321: and all I can think of to do is keep giving him silver orally
[20:13] angelle321: and making sure he eats so that he can maybe poop them out
[20:13] angelle321: I got all the eggs that I could
[20:14] angelle321: and the one with the hole in his leg wants to be held
[20:14] angelle321: so hav him wroapped in a towel on my lap right now
[20:14] angelle321: and th eother one is still in the bathroom
[20:14] angelle321: on the rug in a towel
[20:14] angelle321: sleeping
[20:15] (S)Falco(S): aww poor kitties.... well you cant do much that what you already did.... i hate those damn maggot...
[20:16] angelle321: no... I'll just have to go back over them tomorrow when theyre dry
[20:16] angelle321: and see what other eggs I can find and get rid of
[20:16] angelle321: and makd sure there arent more in its leg
[20:17] (S)Falco(S): k.. do they have a chance or what?
[20:20] angelle321: well... I dont know
[20:20] angelle321: this is all on top of the sickness they already have
[20:20] angelle321: they have the best chance *I* can possibly give them