August 21st, 2003

forget me nots

pornolizer translations

I put my site into the pornolizer and this was part of the translation came out to be:

Currently (only to make money) I work, where ever they send me, as a ballbusting substitute teacher (which is more like baby sitting and fingerfucking like fistfucking) but I am *not* a teacher, nor do I wish to be one. I also do DJ work on the farts.

oh oh

Deep throating a screwing kitty, just after a blowing shower...

good stuff...

and matt sent me this translation he got of one of my journal entries...

"went out fingering some pictures in the yard cause its been a while since I've fucked the creaming "fingerfucks of the moment""

I gotta stop
this could get a ltitle addictive

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forget me nots

hot chicken veggie soup in august

I can't believe I just ate a bowl of hot homemade chicken vegetable soup. what was I *thinking* :p

actually I know what I was thinking... I was thinking hmm I am hungry and this will taste good. and chose to try to ignore that it would make me feel even sweatier and grosser than I already do... I'm thinking about taking a cold shower... though I know it wont help for very long... at least I'll feel better for a few minutes...
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forget me nots

cold showers feel nice

well I feel slightly better after taking a cold shower... somehow even if youre still sweating... it still feels better to be sweating when youre clean than when youre not...
to me anyway...

and I think I'd like to start working on my journal project again... its been a while since I've done any typing and I just want to get it done... to feel accomplished and be able to present it to a certain few...
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