July 25th, 2003

forget me nots

ozzfest, got letter from shelle

went to Ozzfest today.

had a really good time... I really really wish I would have brought the camera in... I didnt know they were going to be so easygoing about it all. but at the time it seemed a better idea to just not risk it given my attachment to the camera and its cost... but oh there were so. many. photo moments.

we didnt get there until Chevelle started but that was ok because I wasn't troo familiar with the stuff that had come before them anyway. so we were at the bottom of the hill for them and then walked around afterward, sat on the back of the hill til Manson started... we went to the top of the hill and couldnt see anything so we walked down to the bottom and still didnt end up in a spot where we could see much of anything. so that sucked a little... I'd have liked to been able to see for all that. s o after that we went in search of food and chilled on the back of the hill for quite a while after that. since it was Disturbed and Korn after that and while I like them ok, it didn't really bother me that I didnt get a look at them since i didnt figure we'd be able to see them all that well anyway.

before Ozzy started we saw Mary & Tom and Mary's friend Karla. and were with them for the rest. everyone went to pee and then we found ourselves a spot to watch Ozzy. glad we did too... I actually could see! he put on a good show and... well I just really heart ozzy... hes just so damn cute. but on top of that it was cool. he did a tribute to a stage guy who had died today and also made the announce ment that Sharon had gone to the "cancer doctor" and that the doctor said that there was no cancer to be found in her. so thats neat and he thanked everyone for all their support.

the whole day was just a people watcher's dream. so I loved it. all kinds of different people. lots of people on display... lots of breasts. they were doing chest painting. so there would be bits of tape or something similar over the nipple and everything would be painted over. and that is all. so basically many many topless girls walkign aroudn all day. interesting...

got a letter in the mail today from a girl on pX that I wrote to a couple weeks ago. so thats neat. she sent me pictures and a very glittery letter. yay!