July 20th, 2003

forget me nots

brett shopping in birch run, manditory quiet time, movies and osbournes


lets see... today Brett and I went to Birch Run to shop (well for him to shop anyway) I didnt make it too long... not as long as I expected anyway...

and shopping just wears me out... not in a physical way... my head just can't handle ot for osme reason... overload or something...
so that combined with the same kind of concept with Brett made me just want to come home and have some quiet time.

so I did. came home, put some mint julep masque on my face, put on some enya and read for about an hour.
definitely helped.

tonight we watched a few episodes of the Osbournes and then watched a movie. he's gone to bed and I shall soon go as well.
Tomorrow we'll hang out with Steve... probably go to Frankenmuth. migth go back to Birch Run as well... there were some things I saw at Rue 21 that I thought Steve might appreciate.