June 3rd, 2003

forget me nots

chat log: chydenno80

once again... um, what?

Session Start (Yahoo! - angelle321:chydenno80): Tue Jun 03 15:21:41 2003
[15:21] chydenno80: hi
[15:21] *** Auto-response sent to chydenno80: this is an away message: doin stuff... leave messages (or call)
[15:22] chydenno80: who do you think you are talking to
[15:22] angelle321: um... actually I wasn't talking to anyone... thats an away message. it means I wasn't at the computer.
[15:23] chydenno80: okay it's granted
[15:23] chydenno80: well who are you
[15:23] angelle321: what kind of question is that?
[15:23] angelle321: I'm myself
[15:23] chydenno80: and whee are you calling from
[15:23] angelle321: I'm who my profile says I am
[15:24] angelle321: and I dont answer questions that are in it.
[15:24] angelle321: where are *you* from?
[15:24] chydenno80: ok but you answer questions rudely
[15:24] angelle321: no
[15:24] angelle321: I answer them honestly
[15:24] chydenno80: yes you do
forget me nots

weekend: play in midland, regan's wedding, finding nemo

Friday: Steve and I went to a play in Midland... went out for Chinese first... yay to that...
the play wasn't bad... it had 4 people in short scenes that show a relationship through different stages... beginning with the first meetings and eneding with funerals and death and including everything in between...
worth seeing I suppose... it was amusing.
I guess work sucked pretty much all week so I was nice to him and gave him a massage and ... and we had a nice evening.

Saturday: up early to set up for the wedding. and since it was a friend of Steves family we were attending the ceremony too... so we went to the hall and set up, then went over to Will & Terri's house and brought pizza for everyone ( Will, Terri, Beth, Steve's parents, and us)
after we ate Steve and I went back home to get dressed for the ceremony, it was nice enough... lots of praying.
afterward, we went back and got showered and ready for the reception... and I realized that I had forgotten the tank top to go under the shirt I was going to wear... and this meant that I was showing way way too much cleavage. so I ended up having to go get another shirt to wear so I could look a little more professional...
after the reception we were getting packed up and Ryan showed up and talked to Steve for a while and helped a bit. He wanted to go to old town for a drink but Steve was tired nad turned him down... I think Ryan was disappointed...
we went back home, had a snack, a drink, and went to sleep...
Sunday we got up and got showered and ready and met Steve's parents, Beth, Will&Terri, and Terri's parents for brunch... yay for food.
afterward Steve and I went and saw Finding Nemo... it was cute and very prettily colorful
then we went and did our Sunday shopping...
we watched Braveheart that night. I hadn't ever seen it before... nice and tragic. I dig that...

I got home quite late and it was after 2 when I got to bed...
forget me nots

Work notes: Central band/math, bought candy for bingo

Monday I should have worked... but when I got the call I had only gotten 3 hours of sleep...
it would have been a 3 day assignment.. and later I was thinking... dammit what was I thinking! that would have been more than $200 and I could use that!

ah well...

so I didn't do much with the rest of the day... played with Mikale, played online...
later in the evening I got a call to sub today for my band/math kids... so I went to Kroger to buy candy for them... (glad I got the call the day before)
and I still ended up staying up too late... I was reading stuff on the bust boards and made a webpage to show some stuff to a girl on there
I made a bingo game for the kids today and that took a little while...
and I was talking to Alex... he's pretty good to talk to... I like him.

today came way too quickly... but it wasn't *too* bad...
6th grade band was actually pretty good for a change... they even managed to quietdown and sit still (mostly) to play bingo... yay for candy bribes...
7th grade band was awful though. they really sucked...
it is the last week for them though. and it really showed today. they just couldnt handle themselves at all...

and the rest of the day was ok

the girl I usually get into it with was ok. I find its much easier to deal with her if I just allow her to be a brat if she feels like it. she doesn't take it too far that way. she's worse if I try to say anything... then she goes into super bitch mode and just gets way more attitude than is really worth my time or effort ro deal with.

I don't know how much more I'll be working for the rest of the year. I'm pretty sure the Millet center still has to go through the 11th or 12th.. so theres potential to work there I guess...
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