June 2nd, 2003

forget me nots

chat log: gipsyrealman

sometimes I wonder if anyone who randomly ims me speaks english...
felt like telling him odd lies about myself...

Session Start (Yahoo! - angelle321:gipsyrealman): Mon Jun 02 20:14:05 2003
[20:14] gipsyrealman: hay sexy :x
[20:14] *** Auto-response sent to gipsyrealman: (I'm not here.)
taking a shower back in a few...
[20:25] angelle321: have we talked before?
[20:26] gipsyrealman: nop
[20:26] gipsyrealman: i wish u was enjoe in ur shower
[20:26] gipsyrealman: :-
[20:26] gipsyrealman: p
[20:26] gipsyrealman: :p
[20:26] angelle321: where are you from?
[20:26] angelle321: I dont understand you very well
[20:27] gipsyrealman: sorry
[20:27] gipsyrealman: i'm fromlibya
[20:27] gipsyrealman: from libya u ?
[20:27] angelle321: its in my profile
[20:27] gipsyrealman: can we chat
[20:27] angelle321: I dont answer questions I've answered in my profile
[20:27] angelle321: sure
[20:27] angelle321: aren't we right now?
[20:28] gipsyrealman: hahaha
[20:28] gipsyrealman: r u single
[20:29] angelle321: nope
[20:29] gipsyrealman: :-/
[20:30] gipsyrealman: oh no
[20:30] gipsyrealman: do u have cam plz
[20:30] angelle321: no
[20:30] angelle321: I will soon
[20:30] angelle321: but it will only be for people I know
[20:31] angelle321: because I have a boyfriend and I love him
[20:31] angelle321: I wouldnt want to make him mad
[20:31] angelle321: we will be married soon
[20:31] angelle321: by a voodoo priest
[20:31] angelle321: when we can find one
[20:31] gipsyrealman: i wish u will live in happy life with him @};-
[20:31] angelle321: thank you
[20:32] gipsyrealman: wy