May 21st, 2003

forget me nots

Work Notes - Carrollton HS

first entry in a long time... hopefully I'll be able to keep up better

worked today... Carrollton High school.
I am pleased to say that they didn't suck at all

math classes and technology classes...
the math classes had worksheets and actually did them. or at least didn't make much noise if they weren't doing them
and the technology classes had student aides and they pretty much got things going...

I wrote a letter, drew stationary, and in one class talked to some kid for a while...
and even got to go online a little bit... finally a school without just about everything blocked. so that was nice too...
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forget me nots

messing with my site a bit

messing with my page a bit... don't know what I really feel like doing to it at the moment... but at least I'm changing things here and there... for the better I hope
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forget me nots

mmm fresh fruit

yay for oranges

every once in a while I'll just really want some fresh fruit and if I manage to get some, it makes me so very happy!
so right now I'm on my third orange and feeling quite pleased...
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