~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

crazy dreams: frankie decapitated by hawk, me dying

wow. I just woke up a little bit ago out of one of the weirdest, creepy dreams I have ever had...

gotta get this typed out before I forget it too much...

the first part I was outside my house and Matt was with me and I dont know what we were doing... but he pointed out a hawk in the sky and I told him that if it looked like it was going to try to swoop down too much to try and scare it away cause I wouldnt want it getting any of the baby kitties... and so the a couple minutes later we saw it take a dive behind a bush where I couldnt see and so I went over there and found it next to a mostly decapitated Frankie (my cat) and I jsut flipped out.,.. checking frankie to see if he was even still alive (which he was though barely... and for some reason he had a little life meter on him (convenient!)) and then aI attacked the bird, which for some reason was still there and I grabbed it and squeezed it and hit it and stomped on it.. (way less delicate than real birds... took more effort to hurt it than I think it probablt ought to have)
and then I picked up Frankie and I was crying and I brought him in the house and was telling my grandma about it andtold her that he really needed to see a vet! and she said something about them probably being closed... and I told her to just go call! (she's always so not helpful in all of my dreams) and so I'm holding Frankie watching his meter, worried tha I'm gonna lose him any second... and I ended up having to set him down for some reason and I guess the last little bit of what was holding his head on broke and then he was dead and fully decapitated (which all wasnt as gross as it sounds liek it should have been... there was no blood)

ok then skip to the second part of the dream where... I'm not sure how I got to... but anyway had some sort of wound on my neck... and I was going to die. and I guess in this part of this dream thats just what I was waiting to do... and I was on this bed in this room... and there was a girl there with me and now I'm not sure who it was really... Melissa maybe... and whoever it was I was trying to give an insdtruction of something to do for me when I died... I gave her this card that I wanted given to somene... but I think I needed to write something in it and couldnt find what I was lookign for to write... and so I was looking under the bed and searching for the longest time all over asnd i dont know if I finally dfound what I was looking of or not.. but I ight have... and there was another part where I was holding Bonnie and I told her that I was thinking about giving (no it was Aubrey I was with!) it to her... or maybe Mwry.. and then I stopped and said, do you think I coudl be buried with it and she said she didnt know... probably... so then it was later and I was all alone cause David had been with me for a while but he had to leave... had to bve up for... work in the morning? anyway so he was gone and then I was alone and it was pretty dark... I was on a computer and was gong to try to talk to someone... (still dying) and then all of a sudden I got a call (like a netmeeting call) and it was... from Sam I think and I had the chance to say hi to him and then hold on cause i'd be right back... and I left the room and met my gf-ma on the way out nad she offered me some silverware and I was like no I cant use then
went into the batheroom and saw the computerscreen in the mirror and the power went out and it was right after that that I woke up.

so weird...
Tags: dream

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