~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

crazy dreams: shot in head

I had a super crazy dream this morning. Had lots of them actually but this particular one stuck with me more...
so in this dream I kept switching back and forth between this house and the old one...

lets see how this set up... I was outside and earlier in some other part of a dream my g-ma had moved my car so it was in front of the house pointing towards the street.... and then when she/they (cause i tink Barb and maybe harry too might have been there with her) were finished she had just left it there... so I was tryingn to get ready to go... somewhere.. perhaps it was a weekend and I was getting ready to go with you... at any rate I was trying to get ready to leave and was upset that my car hadn't been put back. so I went to ask my grandma if she had planned on putting it back, and she was just kinda dismissive to me about it and was like no. so I grabbed my keys flounced out of the house in a huff (yep, I flounced) and then when I was outside it became my old house... and so I was walking towards the front of the house (which had 2 pine trees directly infront of the house, touching it.) and I saw a shadow moving from the other direction and for a split second thought oh I wonder if that's a person before the person actually showed up... it was a tall thin black guy with a little bit of facial hair... kinda thin moustache and goatee sorta... anyway when he saw me he pulled out a gun and pointed it at my head and I think I just made the decision to just stand there since he was so close that there didn't seem to be much point in trying to run or anything (plus the fact that my front yard was kinda on a hill so I probably woulda just fallen on my head anyway making a pretty easy target indeed)
so anway he pulled the trigger and there was a click but nothing happened... and he did the thing that most people in movies do when their gun doesnt go off and they expect it to... he looked at it a little strangely for a second and moved toward me pulling me to the ground and put the gun right up against my head and pulled the trigger again. still a click and nothing else. so then he seems torn about trying again (I think he may have been on his way from one place to another and I just happened to get in the way and be in his path at the wrong time) and so I was like... y'know. (not by any means any direct quoting here just my approximations of the points I tried to get across) you dont have to kill me and I will be happy to just let this one slide... you go right on your merry way... which is what he ended up doing... though seconds later (and this is where the dream got even *more* surreal) he came back wearing some sort of... cowboy hat, and a hadkerchief around his knife... sorta trying to look like a western movie sherrif? and basically was asking me what I was going to tell the cops... and so I was like no no you dont have to worry about that all I'll say is that you wre dark skinned (not giving any race at all, though at this point he was starting to look like someone who was black and hispanic mixed... isnt that weird how people can change so fluidly in dreams...) had a bit of a goatee, looked a little rough... and I think that was it... there might have been a tidbit more... anyway that seemed to satisfy him and I went into the house (which was still my old house when I went inside) and started telling my grandma about it...
and she and I agreed that I should call the police and report an attack... but since it didnt seem like an emergency to me I didnt wanna call 911 and my grandma wouldnt tell me what number I *should* call (the woman is so not helpful in some of these dreams I swear)...

and there was more but it gets fuzzier after that.

so yeah. crazy.
Tags: dream

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