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We made quite a full day of it and saved all of about 50 cents between the two of us by buying the day passes instead of just going by the trip. Still,that's saving.

So we started out by going to the turkish restaurant I wanted to check out. We actually rode a different train than before! We arrived at the restaurant with little difficulty. I was very very pleased with it. They had a good number of vegetarian things on the menu and we got a cold apetizer platter and a hot appetizer and a veggie wrap and it was all so good. yay!

After food we went back to the train and ended up very close to Nordstrom's. First stop was the Sephora store. I wandered back to the urban Decay section and a guy came up and was asking me if I needed any help. I talked to him a little and he asked me if i wanted him to do my makeup. I hadn't had it done before so I decided to go for it. Mine was light enough that I was more or less a blank canvas.

The guy's name was David and he was quite pretty with long eye lashes and a fabulous chest. *sigh*
And he was good at what he did. He tol dme that I would glow for the rest of the day/night and that I'd look as though i had a spot light on me all night. Low light was supposed to be particularly flattering. he was right. The colors were different for me, orange on my eyes and lips... but it worked and I was cool with it.

I got an Asphyxia eye shadow, a lip plumping gloss, and a brush for eye smudging.

We went to the Sanrio Store where i drooled on things and picked up a notebook/journal, some stickers, and a couple pens (cause lord knows I need more pens).

We (and by "we" I mean I) had to go into the Body Shop, lured in by the heavy and lovely orange scent. It was the same smell that lured me in the last time and caused me to buy a soap that smelled the same and is still in my shower because I seem to have a difficult time following through on the actual *using* of the products I buy. Quite a problem, really.

I managed to escape after going in there to breathe for a while. That's all I wanted to do anyway since I knew I had the soap still at home in my shower.

We left the shopping center and went to a movie theater nearby. We bought tickets to see the Aviator and then went and sat down for a few before the movie started. I made a decorative page in my new journal/notebook while we waited. Steve liked it and agreed that perhaps i ought to keep it as a travel journal for when we go places and i can make nice decorative and interesting journal pages.

The movie was long but good. Made me wonder though. Christine, a former roommate of mine, once commented that i reminded her of Howard Hughes. I just don't know what to make of that now.

The movie was 3 hours long and we went straight to dinner at Uno's. Pizza.. mmmmm.

It's really freakin cold out. Now we're here and going ot bed shortly. I'm reluctant to wash off my glowy face but I have pictures.
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