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comedy, closed bars, and Simon's

We went to an improv comedy show last night. It was pretty good in parts, not so good in others.. but that's just how it goes I guess. I enjoyed it, at any rate, so that was good. We've been doing all sorts of train riding while we've been here. I think it would be a nice way to spend some time... jsut riding the public transportation and people-watching.

So yeah. We took the train to right near the comedy show, which was convenient, and then hopped on it again afterward to get to the stop nearest to the bar we were going to check out. We took a cab there only to find it closed! Damn them! It was supposed to be open, looked open, and, if one judged by their operating hours sign, was open. But there were no people inside aside from a few putting up chairs and sweeping the floor and the door was locked. So there went that plan.

We decided to just head back in the homeward direction and just hit Simon's. So we got a cab back to the red line and took it back to Berwyn. We had a few drinks at Simon's and I made tipsy phone calls. We were at the back of the room where they had a cozy little nook set up with a faux-fireplace, a couple comfy couches, a coffee table and assorted odd decorations, most of them holiday themed. Over the fireplace was a stained glass picture of two fish carrying goblets and wearing viking hats. Very odd. I made sure to take pictures of all things of interest to me. I think that was a much better place to sit than the other options but people seemed to want the tables. I guess if you're with a group it might be preferable but for just Steve and I it was perfect. We had things to look at, we were warm and cozy, we were right next to the bar, we were right under a speaker for the jukebox... perfect.

We came back here and ate. Alcohol always makes food taste so much better. And then bed. Steve snores something awful when his sinuses get a little dry. Damn you alcohol! But I slept enough and now I'm up nad have had my coffee (rasperries & cream w/cocoa). Time to shower (or something close to it) and start the day. I may be posting more stuff later cause steve is going to a basketball game tonight and I, not being interested in the slightest, am not. I have a book, my paper journal, my GBA SP, and there is always the internet... so I ought to be fine.
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