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New Year's Eve

So where I left off, we had just gotten prettied. That was a bit of an ordeal. My hair (due to lack of practice on my part i guess) is just a pain in the ass to work with when I want it to do anything. I suppose this just means i'm a little inept. Oh well!

So when we got out of here we marveled at ow it still didn't feel like winter would usually feel. We were pleased, as we were both expecting it to be far far worse. On our way to the train we stopped and visited Beth at work. She looked bummed to be stuck there and not really able to go anywhere afterward cause she had to be back first thing this morning.

We left and made our way to the train and hopped on the red line and rode and rode. It wasn't too long though. 25- 30 minutes I think. When we got off the train we started walking... in the wrong direction. We caught a cab that took us to the pier. It was much more effective, I'm sure. We got out and were herded like sheep across the street in an organized and somewhat odd pattern. But we didn't get squished and I suppose that's all that matters.

We walked the length of the pier, since our event was just nowhere near the front, and looked at all the different people doing all their different things. There were a couple black tie events and lots of dressed up pretty people waiting to get on their cruises. We walked a very long time but it wasn't terribly unpleasant because it still wasn't that cold. Finslly we made it to the entrance for the grand ballroom. Yay!

The ID checker guy was form Michigan. Benton harbor. He was an older guy and commented on how things just aren't the way they used to be. He seemed pleased to see that we were from Michigan. Up the stairs and to the left were people checking coats. Steve wore his but i was already wearing a jacket that went over my camisole so I had't bothered to wear mine. I probably should have.

When we forst walked in we wandered a bit and looked at things. We noted that the DJ didn't look too special. There was no real dance floor and he had absolutely no lights. Steve had to pee so we als located the men's room. We soon realized that we were trapped there(no not in the men's room! in the ballroom/party area where our even was located!) (trapping us was a sneaky way for them to make money selling extra food and drink tickets i think) and had very limited selection on what we could eat and drink. It was also all very expensive. There was one food station where one could get a slice of cheese pizza, a hot dog, a beef sandwich, or a chicken burrito (that was supposed to be made to order, but just wasn't at all). We could also buy plain potato chips, candy and cans of pop. That was it for the food. there were plenty of places to acquire alcohol though! Most stations were the same, offering beer, wine, mixed drinks, and champagne. They also had one martini station. As we walked we checked out prices and decided we ought to buy more tickets. We found a ticket selling station (they weren't too hard to find (shock!)) and bought 20 more @ 1$ a piece. That 20 pretty much went toward dinner which consisted of 2 $6 chicken burritos, a $2 bag of chips and 2 2$ cans of mountain dew. We sat on the stairs to eat and were almost trampled only a couple times.

We wandered some more while waiting for our food to settle and people watched and talked. We soon decided it was time for a drink and looked around to see how the lines were. This was when we found the martini bar and decided to get one. We stood in line and I watched more people and sent out text messages once it hit midnight in Michigan (we're an hour earlier here). As we got near the front of the line a girl with an accent came up and looked like she was just going to push her way in line ahead of us but she only wanted to know how much the drinks were and what her other options were. We tlaked to her for a little bit and then off she went. The martinis were $8 each but amounted to pink tinted double shots so it seemed that it was probably not too bad a deal, really. They were mixed by Manuel the super martini man and I was pleased. It also helps that I'm not used to drinking much any more and so I felt it pretty quickly.
We had 4 tickets left and figured if we bought 20 more we could get 3 more of hte strong pink things and then call it good. So we did just that. it sounds much faster when i type it like that than it actually was. It seems that we weren't the only ones wanting the supermartini services of Manuel. The link offered more opportunities to check people out. There were a few people there with cameras taking pictures for something. I would have asked what had we not been in line.

We went to a less populated area to drink our new drinks and sat by the wall near some windows. As we sat there I was looking out the windows and noticed two very staggering couples and pointed them out to Steve. They looked like they were having a night well filled with alcohol. When we finished our drinks it was about 11:45 and we made our way to the ballroom where the live music was to wait for the coutdown. They did it about 30 seconds before the tv so we counted down twice. Double the celebration- wee! We saw some guy who was probably there for ABC saying things we just couldnt hear at all. The people around us did their best to leap into the camera's view behind him. I tried, unsuccessfully, to make a phone post then.

Right at midnight the fireworks started and we went upstairs to stand by the windows and watch them. They were really quite good and longer than i would have thought they'd be. They do tons of fireworks at the pier, it seems. I think every weekend in the summer. When the fireworks were done I made a successful phone post and we went wandering again. As we made our way around during the evening, we realized the DJ was kind of crappy. It was jsut trainwreck after trainwreck after trainwreck. He would have been better off not trying to blend the songs at all. But the music itself was pretty good most of the time so we danced for almost an hour. He didn't get back into hiphop until the end of that and when he did he played songs i had heard at least once or twice already in the evening. It was about 15 minutes til the end anyway so it seemed like a good time to make our exit.

The walk back to the road was jsut as long but made much better by us being inside to do it. There were no free cabs so we walked about 50 million miles back to the red line. It was a bit colder than it was when earlier. Steve gave me his hat to wear (aww!). Finally we made it to the train and they were letting people on for free (yay!). Most of the ride it seemed like there were only more people getting on and none getting off but just about everyone was drunk and pretty festive.

There was one guy who reminded both Steve and I, separately, of Tom. He was heckling people a bit but was in very good spirits. He sang and yelled out happy new year and was quite entertaining to watch.

When we reached our stop we walked 10 million more miles back to the apartment. Perhaps it was my hurting feet that made these walks seem a little longer than they perhaps, in reality, were. We made food and ate and then Steve was lovely and wonderful and rubbed lotion on my feet and then we slept much. Yay! A pleasant and successful evening!

I even managed to get in a few pictures of Bonnie. She stayed tucked into my purse for most of the evening. I figured that was safest.
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