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messing self up, weekend movies, tripod, gym, movies, dancing, drinking

conversation with Sam this morning:

[11:36] Angelle321: today just isnt my day
[11:36] Angelle321: :(
[11:36] DicemanShane: what's the matter, dear?
[11:37] Angelle321: well
[11:42] Angelle321: when I first walked into my house this morning (syayed at Steve's last night) I slipped on the bottom of the door framd (cause its wood and was wet and as a result slippery)... I was carrying my purse, overnight bag, Hello Kitty mini cd player/boombox, bag with my new tripod and some software, bag with um... a bunch of other stuff thats escaping m right now but a bunch anyway... and so I slipped and fell down on my knee that I seem to keep abusing and my elbow and managed to scrape myself ina couple different places plus make a bunch of noise and I and all the stuff i was carrying hit the floor. *and* i was sitting here earlier installing a program and I got up and managed to whack my heel (which I already had blistered dreadfully and painfully by wearing cheap payless shoes and walking a bunch on the treadmill) on my stool on some painful hard metal part and made myself bleed. then I found out that the version of office xp we got this weekend will only work on one computer (and a big grrr to that) and *then* I'm just sitting here a few minutes ago and stupid KittyKitty's graceless ass decided to fall off my desk and grab my bare leg for support on the way down, getting is claws stuck *in* my leg and not letting go until I lifted him up out of it and put him on the floor
[11:43] DicemanShane: . . . jesus christ.
[11:43] Angelle321: life is hard :(
[11:43] DicemanShane: You'll be dead by tomorrow mornign you keep this up

so yeah that was my morning...

now for the weekend:

friday we went and got food, took back some movies and picked a couple new ones, I put his computer back together and got a few things set up for him... we went and did our weekly Meijer-ing and picked up an ethernet cable...
pretty quiet night...

the next day we went and did other shopping and took care of the rest of the things on my list... I have a tripod now and i got some ink for my printer...
we also went to his gym for a while and I shredded my heels while walking on the tradmill (ow) also did some foot friendly stretches and ab work...

after we got home I installed some programs on his computer and we proceeded to watch two movies and get quite drunk... he went to bed before I did and I stayed up talking to people online and posting messages on bust...

sunday we went looking around in stores... spent a couple hours just playing in toys r us and went to see a movie with his friend Mark (american wedding) we went out to dinner afterward

when we came home we danced (since we have another lesson with Angela on Wednesday and it seemed like a good idea to refresh the stuff she taught us the last time) and then watched a movie and went to bed...

definitely just a weekend to enjoy not having a job to go to and each other's company...

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