~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Christmas parts 1 and 2, and the couple days afterward.

Several days so that they are not lost forever. I suck when I get busy.

So! Where to begin...

Well, I actually got done pretty much everything on my to-do list, though not in the same schedule I had hoped for. Still, things were finished.
Christmas Eve Mary & Tom brought Alice's kids (Tom's nephews) over for a while. Todd and Joe come over at other points in the year and call my grandma "grandma". Austin is 15 and Alice gave him to her mother so he lives up north hours away and was just down for christmas. I like him.

We gave them their presents and Mikale got to open a couple and we hung out for a bit until Mary had to leave because Todd had to be dropped ff to his dad at a certain time. For the rest of the night Steve and I worked on the lists and got the house looking quite presentable.

On Christmas day I got up later than I had intended to because my sleep was broken up a little. I went to bed a little later than I expected too because of a pleasantly unexpected phone call. My grandma woke me up around 7:30 to help her get the turkey out of the ovena nd then I went back to sleep for a few hours. Steve got here and we blth worked on separate things witht he time we had. I was moving moving from the time I woke up and barely had time to shower (so I thought, though it turned out I could have spent a little more time. ah well! it worked out!) and didnt have coffee till way later and well after my brain was telling me it was missing its caffeine.

Barb & Harry arrived while I was putting the presents I had here under the tree. I added their packages and took some pictures. I was playing with Harry's phone when Mary, Tom, Mikale, and Austin arrived. Austin doesn't like his step-dad's family I guess so he came to our Christmas. For a while we bustled around talking and arranging presents and then Mikale wanted to get at his stocking and that pretty much started the present opening. I like to hope that everyone was pleased with the things that came their way. It was sad to see my pretty wrappings get ripped up and I forgot to take pictures of most of them. Oh well!

I went to see my dad and that family for a few hours later in the evening. That was nice, since I hadn't seen them in a year. Man, my half-brother and half-sister are grumpy kids. Well, Ashlee was sick but John's just grumpy. I really like him lots though. I jsut don't know what I think of Ashlee... I worry that she doesn't like me. But given hor rarely she's ever seen me, she probably doesnt anything me. I spent more time than i thought I would at my grandpa's and when I got back it was about 10:40. Steve and I cleaned up a bit, packed some things, gave the kitten a bath, and I left with him to go back to his house.

Sunday we did a bit of shopping witht he time we had. I got 2 parts of my outfit for New year's Eve. I just need to find some sort of jacket to go with the jeans and camisole I found. We went to Will & Terri's and met up with Steve's family (mom, dad, beth, will, and terri). We had pizza and opened presents, and listened to new CDs. When Steve and I left we did a trip to Walmart for a few needed items. I picked up batteries for my camera (yay!) so I could play with my new lens. Groceries were also acquired.

Yesterday I got a wake-up call from Steve telling me I could come with him to his haircut appointment if I wanted to get my hair done. So I got up, had coffee, and got ready to go. My hair feels short to me. It looks short to me. I got about 4 or 5 inches off. And its about midway down my waist but hot quite to my hips. I know this is not actually short but it certainly feels that way to me. But it looks nice, I think... and Steve seems to think so. Or that's what he's telling me anyway and thats probably just as good. Reassurance, yay!

Last night we went to a movie (meet the fockers) and at the end, Steve wasn't feeling well. He felt like he was going to pass out and afterward was shaky so I drove him to Will & Terri's and they fed him (which didn't help, but *was* free food). I drove him home and then Ryan drove me home.

Today I hope to find the jacket for my ourfit, and maybe one more shirt to go with a pair of jeans i have that don't quite fit well enough and need to belly squish coverage when I do wear them. So a guy's buttin down works quite nicely. I also need to get out all my clothes that need washing.

Right now I think I'll call Matt, and then take a bath.

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