~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

Hello my name is "spoiled"

I might unintentionally leave things off this list. Appropriate links to pictures that do not exist yet will be created later.

This christmas I received:

at home:
Hello kitty lip balm 5-pack
GE Reveal light bulb
socks: fuzzy pink, the abominable snowman, Hello kitty, and some happy cacti
Sigur Ros () CD
French Vanilla coffee sample pack
Chocolate marshmallow coffee sample pack
Eternal Sunshine DVD
Hello Kitty cartoon DVD
Edging (scrapbooking?) scissors in wooden round
condensed towel (you put it in water and it expands back to normal size)
camera strap
Camera bag (back pack style)
calendar (Why paint cats)
watercolor paper
Hello Kitty steering wheel cover
AF Micro-Nikkor 60mm f2.8 lens (read: macro lens so I can take lovely closeup stuff with the real camera too!!)
2 spun glass figurines (table and chairs and a carosel)
film (B&W and color)

from steve:
Lush: Volcano foot mask
Honey bee bath bomb
Honey I washed the kids soap
Baby Face facial cleanser
Irrisistable Bliss shampoo bar
2nd Abarat book (clive Barker)
The sisterhood of the Travalling Pants by Ann Brashares
The Girl Who Married a Lion and other tales from africa by Alexander McCall Smith
The Bard's Tale for PS2
Cutco Cheese knife
Cutco garlic press

from my dad & that part of the family:
Lily of the Valley candle
body sprays

from Steve's family:
long-hair towel
bath pillow
bath puff
mini sticky notes
small sticky note pad
magnetic note pad
keychain coin purse
bath confetti
gummi bears
cocoa 3-pack
cocoa 9-pack
coffee mug with pictures of kitties on it
$25 Saginaw Photo gift certificate
M&Ms minis
carved wooden box
neat ring
Hello Kitty rhinestone necklace
Happy Bunny talking stuffed toy
box with cotton squares, cotton balls, cotton swabs
Lush angels on bare skin facial cleanser
Lush melting marshmallow moments bath melt
Honey Bee bath bomb
Pied de Pepper foot lotion
and a new outfit for Bonnie!!! (pictures will soon follow)

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