~*Crushed*Glass*~ (crushedglass) wrote,

hurt again, and cookies, and intended productivity

My ankle feels like its a bit swollen... only not exactly my ankle, more like under it but not quite my heel. It makes no sense- how I woud have done it or how I would have not noticed doing something if I had.

Steve is setting up for his reception tonight. It unexpectedly came up because the person who was supposed to do it had to cancel due to a family emergency...so I will be on my own later for cookie baking and crafting.

Right now I have to pee and I should take a shower and then I suppose I ought to think about doing something productive. I have a blister on my finger on my stirring hand. There is much more stirring to go. Hand is not going to be feeling better too soon then.

I'm delicate, it seems.

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