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today's little details

my neck is twitching and quivvering oddly. I do not like it.

I awoke at 2:30. So much for morning.

I got up, showered, put the coffee on, and did a 3-song set on DDR. I drank my coffee and checked email and LJ.

I spent much time with that... I also finally made the skirt for Lindsey. Considering I've had the material for it for at least a year and probably more like a year and a half I feel quite pleased about this. Not only is it made but its been washed and is hanging in the bathroom drying. I may send out packages yet! This excites me too.

I just feel strange right now. i have for parts of today. I think I will lay off the sugar tomorrow... except for in my cocoa that will go in my coffee. I just feel weird and quivvery, twitchy... almost like with caffeine but I havent had any since this morning. This is not typical for me.

Tomorrow I will get up in an am hour, shower, DDR, coffee, email, LJ, shop. shop, shop shop. It needs to get done and it hasn't magically done itself for me. Sadly...

now for bed.

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