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drinks and to do lists and today's little details

I think I should go make myself a drink and try to get to bed at a reasonable time tonight.

I also need to make my list for this week.

... toddling off to make the drink then we'll move on...

.... ...... ....... ....... .....

ok now I have a hotpocket, and my cup of hot buttered rum is cooling a bit. iI may have 2. we'll see. I'm determined that this shall not be another uo til 5 am night.

ok... thinking about my next drink already. I too easily manage ot distract myself... reading t's stuff brings up some memories that I may go more into as my own anniversary comes up. And maybe I won't. We'll see.

This Week's To-Do List
  • Finish acquiring presents
  • go to save A Lot
  • go to Family Dollar
  • Lindsey skirt
  • Lindsey package
  • François package
  • Post office (mail packages & Vy's CDs)
  • Make kitty toys
  • bath fizzies
  • bath salts
  • wrap presents

won't be so bad if I manage to break it down by day. Tomorrow is Tuesday. I should go to Family Dollar & Save a Lot... and head out the Bay Road way if I feel that ambitious. (Matt you're welcome to do stuff with me if you have any free time)

I love the Sweater Song... always have. Still do. I'm ok with this. By the time I complete an entry my song has usually changed at least a few times. I'm slow at my typing... moreso when I'm composing lists and answering messages and getting up fo rmore rum... which hasn't actually happened yet but will in a moment.

..... ....... ...... ...... (these are dots implying that I am gone doing something. I used to put them into written letters... still would probably, if I wrote any)..... ....... .........

and now I am back.

Today was supposed to be ambitious... far moreso than it actually was. I intended to get up at 8 and do productive things for the rest of the day. Instead I got up at 1... or maybe 2 and showered. This is better than some days so I can really only complain so much. It was a hair washing day... I seem to have a better chance of it then. I.... thought about making kitty toys and then didn't. I read lots of stuff online. Perhaps that's all really. I did some DDR later tonight...

Books came today and the things for the cookies and fudge arrived over the weekend. Really, now, I'm mostly waiting for the Lush to arrive. That s typically a long wait, so who knows if it will be here in time for christmas or not.

I feel boring... but I know this is hormones. I slipped into some serious Loser Mode on Saturday night... its an awful feeling, and so hard to pull up from. For a couple days each month I just hate myself... and think that everyone else does too. Unliked, unloved,useless, talentless, purposeless... bleah! Right now I jsut feel boring. Perhaps I am though.

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