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today and today's little details

sleeping late always makes me feel tired, like I cant sleep it away... and then the next day I'm also draggy and sluggish, unmotivated... and half the day is gone!

today I was going to get up earlier... but then i was up later (earlier? somewhere in there I passed late and hit early again) and it jsut didn't happen. so tonight... to bed earlier and up earlier than I want to be tomorrow.

Lately I think I've spent too much time online not doing much of anything... I dont want to be like that again.

I walked yesterdaya nd that helped.

now I'm having my first coffee of the day and feeling like the day is already wasted.

would peope be terribly bored if I wrote out more details of my day? my days are probably boring... but I'm thinking I'd like to write them anyway. Perhaps I'll just cut them.

I'd liek to get more into the habit of doing this... I used to have lovely detailed accounts of some days through some parts of my life.. and found it quite useful.

I woke up today at 2pm to KittyKitty purring in my ear and sitting/laying on my head and kneading into the pillow next to me.
I got up and the first thing I did after peeing was turn on the computer... is this a bad thing? I like to check my email first thing... my problem is that after checking email its always so tempting to open LJ (as I did today) and them I'm sucked in and other tings dont get done. like bathing (which I fully plan to actually do today, lord knows I dont need another yeast infection, and I fully blame the last one on myself.)... and that just makes me sound really gross. I'm not really. I don't stink or anyhting, how can I if I don't *do* anyhting???

I tried my grandma's scalloped potatoes and talked to her about her doctor visit. She was better when she was taking the chondroitin. So I passed along the info to Barb cause she was still looking for gift ideas. My grandma seems to get mostly practical gifts.. but she doesnt ever seem to want anything else!

I made some coffee and I keep forgetting to sip it. I'm sitting here feeling sluggish and icky and as soon as I *do* get this coffee down I'm going to hop in the shower before I can come up with something else to distract myself. It's a hairwashing day anyway.

I made bath salts yesterday. They're pretty and colorful and smell quite nice. I hope theyre strong enough for the bath though.

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