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today and blah

Blah. moods are getting to me today, I noticed the change a couple days ago.... I should start mapping out my cycles better. If I continue on a 35 day cycle this puts me on day 28 and a week away. Well 28 anyway I guess no matter what. Shorter temper, moodier, sluggier, down on myself more. I saw some french words today and they made me feel like such a failure at learning anything. I went to school, majored in it, and feel like I dont know anything. Never came anywhere close to being fluent and probably move farther and farther away from it all the itme with its unuse... and at the same time its hard to motivate myself to pick it up when I have no need or desire to USE it for anyhting... and only want to learn for the joy of learning and so I wont feel like such a failure.

I slept too late and that makes me feel ick too. I've accomplished nothing today and I dont even feel like I want to.


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